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The Capital Network Expands

7 Mar

Capital FM Network

capital fm advertising

The Capital network continues to expand, as it now moves further into Wales.

Ofcom’s recent approval of format changes to Heart North Wales, Heart Wrexham and Chester means Global can re-brand these stations as Capital.

Capital has a reach of 7.5 million each week across the UK and with this expansion into North and North East Wales; they say that “listeners will get access to the latest glamour, glitz and gossip happening right now in the world of showbiz and get up close and personal with current and emerging artists”.

It’ll take a while for these changes to filter through to RAJAR results, but we’ll be keeping a keen eye over the next couple of quarters to see what impact the re-brand has on the audience figures in Wales.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising. @timcradioexpert

Commercial radio joins the naughty 40’s

8 Oct

Today marks the 40th birthday of commercial radio in the UK and we’ve all being taking our radio hats off to the BBC.

The reason? Because the BBC have created a fab audio and visual montage that tracks the journey from the cradle to today’s entertainment branded commercial radio sector. It’s a video we love so we hope you do too. Watch below

You can find the full story on the BBC website here

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising. @timcradioexpert

In-car entertainment: getting a turbo boost for 2013

10 Dec

From the announcement that VW, General Motors and many other large manufacturers are putting DAB radio into cars as standard to the fact that UK became the second largest market for new cars in the EU (according to the SMMT)… the UK has been really revving up its engines in 2012.

Combining all this positive activity together, is it any wonder that in the UK motoring still has the biggest Radio Advertising spend – (RAB, Nielsen)?

With the convergence of in-car entertainment systems and the rollout of 4g(ee), the creation of the in-car entertainment experience can be a new in-car advertising space.

Where else can you have such an intimate connection with the listener? Where they are intently listening on a regular basis? Combine that with timely traffic updates or local information and advertising the incar audio experience is about to get a turbo boost. Check out Spotify’s collaboration with Ford getting the car stereo to control Spotify.

Imagine the power of intelligent car entertainment systems which can look at where a person is driving (thanks to their GPS) and tailor advertising to their destination or where they are going to pass on the way…

For more on the developments of in-car radio, on demand or indeed radio advertising for the motor industry in 2013… mirror, signal and manoeuvre your way over to our office

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

Are you going JingleMad in November…?

26 Nov

Last week saw the release of a new online radio station. But unlike other stations on the net this plays only radio jingles 247. What a concept?!! Just wall to wall famous advertising jingles and station stings…..

Listen here

What the station does do though is to remind us of the great quality of music within marketing to charm, match up to emotions, import happiness and deliver memorability that lasts for days weeks, months and years. In fact, this promotional ad for Thinkbox rather brilliantly, if unintentionally, illustrated radio’s core strength of audio branding and how great jingles sit in the emotional memory for ever more.

Thanks Thinbox………

In a nutshell, where consumers are more content loyal and platform agnostic – radio bucks the trend. Radio is contemporary content, musical curator, social platform and loyal friend all rolled into one. Not surprising then that the radio jingle can become and emotive part of a listeners experience and relationship with their radio station.

To find out more about the power of radio jingles or indeed how to turbo charge your radio advertising get in touch here.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

Radio rules the world

22 Oct

Thanks to Nielsen’s Global Advertising Report, the good news is that radio ad spend worldwide is up by oodles. 6.6% to be precise.

In the changing media landscape, only online fared better and online only faired a little bit better (7.2%).

The figures are a comparison of year on year performance, so the real story here is that radio advertising is on the march. Radio is not just becoming more relevant to listeners as it transcends hardware and becomes a near ubiquitous part of our connected lifestyles as a whole; it is also becoming more relevant and voluminous to advertisers. Money being spent by advertisers is proof of radio’s strength in an ever more demanding marketplace that wants metrics, direct response proof and competitive value at every turn.

A lot is said about the emotional bedrock of why radio is so good – and a lot is said about how listening figures seem so resilient – but its great to see that advertisers and their dollars / yuan / euros also see radio as a new and exciting way to do more and more for their marketing objectives.

The worldwide radio ad spend figures point to particular growth trends in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America but Europe was no slouch at 2.8% growth (that in a context of shrinking European media consumption as a whole). At Radio Experts, we like to think we’ve contributed our little bit to these figures, with another record breaking year for us.

Call it a radio revolution, or an evolution, maybe even a renaissance – whatever it is – radio is in rude health and global popularity is meeting hardware democracy. Fun times ahead! Please get in touch if you would like us to show you some of the newest innovative ways to reach audiences with well placed audio. Its what we do!

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

Apple (iPhone 5) Radio?

13 Sep

Once again, Apple’s renowned PR and Marketing wheels have been churning away, creating another eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 release. Our opinion of the iPhone5 was fairly biased due to the number of Apple Fanboys in our office…..but the trajectory of Apple really does paint a rosy picture for radio. Why?

Because it’s strongly rumoured that one of Apple’s next developments is to release a Spotify style music service. With the upgraded headphones, faster 4G connection and Apples iCloud all prevalent with the iPhone 5, it would appear everything is in line for a native Spotify style, Apple ‘I’ branded service.

And that means audio ads. And we love a bit of audio!

With the next Everything Everywhere (EE) 4G generation phones, we’ll see a revolution similar to the 3G impact of 2007, with content not just increased but its default style of presentation moving further from written and more towards constant heavy audio and visual.

Questions questions…..
Will more radio content be passed around to phones using the increasingly popular tunein app or the new download service from the BBC?
How will Radio Player fare against this new iteration of devices and super speed of connection, will Radio Player release an ios or android specific app…?

iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy S3…we’re on it.

For more info email or call us, or you can follow or tweet us @UKRadioExperts

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

Chris Moyles to leave BBC Radio 1 breakfast show…

11 Jul

Woke up this morning. It was announced this morning that Chris Moyle’s is to leave Radio 1‘s Breakfast Show in September. Big news and news that represents a tremendous opportunity for commercial radio around the country.

The breakfast battle ground is by far the most lucrative and competitive part of the commercial radio landscape and whilst Radio 1’s breakfast goes into a period of draw down – hype up and transition……Commercial Radio will be extending it’s efforts to exploit the situation.

In many ways it’s a win win. Because as Radio 1 gears up for a big announcement at around 10am of who Moyles’s replacement will be – it’s radio that’s hitting the headlines and breakfast listening that’s the story of the day.

In wider terms – Radio 1 has always had its piece of the breakfast table – effectively withdrawing that audience from what commercial radio has to sell. But now more than ever we see radio groups investing heavily in national talent, which makes the Radio 1 Formula more vulnerable than ever to listener swaps.

We wish Mr Moyles well – what a fantastic ambassador he has always been for Radio (except when he was a baby but that’s fair enough really) – but we can’t help but be excited about these developments.

More news around 10am! Check our tweets and blog for news @ukradioexperts, @timcradioexpert

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

We love you England we do…

21 Jun

Its a fact that when England start doing well in a football tournament the media marketplace starts getting busier. And with England’s cautious success at Euro 2012 we’re seeing the same effect surging through the availability of airtime around the radio network.

And of course this summer there’s not just Euro 2012, but we’ve also had the jubilee, and there’s a little sporting event going on in July and August apparently too.

Radio Inventories in England are drying up, as well as significant pressure elsewhere. Space is at a premium throughout the networks but most positively of all, radio’s creativity is shining through.

The immediacy, mobility and overwhelmingly ‘now’ nature of radio is perfectly suited to a fast moving summer of big news, big sport, big transport issues and big expectations. There’s so much to talk about and that means our advertisers have so many people to talk to.

We’ve had whole day takeovers, outlandish competitions, phenomenal prize give-aways and a host of show sponsorships and cunning ideas. Radio’s creativity is unbridled as we reach a fever pitch of content and news.

Radio’s remarkable staying power is fast turning into more than staying power. Radio has a new found relevance that’s less about history and more about being a stakeholder for the future of ad messaging.

At Radio Experts we thrive, writhe, giggle, tease, live, love and adore Radio advertising. So whether you’re listening to an England game, tuning in for the Greco Roman wrestling or checking up on the travel news…..get in touch with us to find out what the radio market’s doing and how it can polevault your brand browsing to a whole new level.

We love you England (and Radio of course) we do.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

Sonic Returns

8 Feb

Over the past 6 months I’ve found myself being asked with ever greater frequency ‘can my brand have a sonic identity’?

Maybe its because so many brands are getting in touch with their ‘audio side’, like Boots (here come the girls), Danone (mmm Danone), SEAT (auto emocion), Go Compare (the Opera singer), Money Supermarket (the jingle stab), Yeo Valley (Yo Valley track), Direct Line (musical stab made of beeping and phone tones), T-mobile (piano cords), Intel (musical mnemonic), British Airways (classical aria)…..oh, I could go on.

But the point is, an ever increasing number of brands are embracing their ‘audio side’ and asking me to show them what their Sonic Identity could sound like for their Radio Advertising, their TV Advertising and their web presence.

There are some golden rules to follow in order to get it right but the results are mind blowing. For a brand, finding your Sonic Identity is a bit like finding a long lost sister you never knew you had.

Simples (oh yeh, that’s another one)….

I’ve just written a Guide to Sonic IDs so if you’d like a copy let me know.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency.

Will Wi-Fi on The Tube affect radio listening…..duh!

11 Nov

London, the tube. A miracle of engineering, great for transport but terrible for radio.

Why? Because you can’t get a radio signal underground.

At least you couldn’t get a signal until now.

Experiments with piping wi-fi through the tube platforms and tunnels are being tested and we can expect roll out over the next couple of years in the run up to the 2012 Olympic games.

Big news for radio hours in London.

The uptake of station player apps and listen live mobile devices has been huge in London, I see people doing it every day (they do wonder why I’m looking over their shoulders!) Here’s a snap of someone I saw this morning listening to TalkSport on his iPhone.

talksport listener

So with wifi pumped through the tunnels, online listening becomes easy.

So let’s look at the maths for London’s radio consumption here, back of envelope stuff…….

Approximately 2.7 million round trip tube journeys a day amounting to around 3.1million traveller hours. 55% of the tube network is tunnels or approaching tunnels, so at least 1.7 million radio listener hours a day are up for grabs. Assume no more than 20% of tube passengers listening to radio this way (and that’s a really conservative estimate believe me – ever noticed how many people listen to iPods on the tube?), we’re looking at 340,000 extra listening hours a day, 2.4 million hours per week.

London’s weekly total radio reach is around 16 million, so 2.4 million more hours increases the pie by a tasty 15%.

Final piece of the jigsaw for me is behavioural / modal. With the radio adverts I write, I know when I’m talking to people in cars and I know when I’m talking to people at home and at work. Now I’ll know when I’m putting advertisers in front of listeners who are on the tube, on their way in to work or coming home from work.  Coffee ads in the morning, takeaway ads in the evening etc…..!

I love the way radio advertising is all becoming more and more targeted. It makes campaigns more focussed and results more exciting.

15% more listenership hours in London with wifi on the tube. Yes please!

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist  radio advertising agency.