Sonic Returns

8 Feb

Over the past 6 months I’ve found myself being asked with ever greater frequency ‘can my brand have a sonic identity’?

Maybe its because so many brands are getting in touch with their ‘audio side’, like Boots (here come the girls), Danone (mmm Danone), SEAT (auto emocion), Go Compare (the Opera singer), Money Supermarket (the jingle stab), Yeo Valley (Yo Valley track), Direct Line (musical stab made of beeping and phone tones), T-mobile (piano cords), Intel (musical mnemonic), British Airways (classical aria)…..oh, I could go on.

But the point is, an ever increasing number of brands are embracing their ‘audio side’ and asking me to show them what their Sonic Identity could sound like for their Radio Advertising, their TV Advertising and their web presence.

There are some golden rules to follow in order to get it right but the results are mind blowing. For a brand, finding your Sonic Identity is a bit like finding a long lost sister you never knew you had.

Simples (oh yeh, that’s another one)….

I’ve just written a Guide to Sonic IDs so if you’d like a copy let me know.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency.

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