Brand Songs and Audio Branding

2 Mar

There’s quite a bit of noise at the moment about Brand Songs. Brand Songs is the nifty new name for jingles – championed by Mark Barber over at the RAB.

I like what Mark has done and thought there. It’s sometimes easy to stop looking around and get used to the everyday radio jargon landscape. But in reality, brand songs is a much better name than jingles ever was.

We’ve produced hundreds and hundreds of jingles over the years and every single one of them has actually been a brand song!

Throughout our marketplace we are seeing a new generation of marketing professionals coming through who have been trained in and have a passion for audio branding. Its refreshing, inspiring and represents a huge leap forward in helping brands to optimise what radio advertising can do for them.

The momentum of increased radio advertising professionalism coupled with the surging tide of on-air brand consolidations all point to a very fine, very fun 2012.

Which is nice……

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

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