Online Audio Advertising – Apples’s iRadio enters the market

7 Jun

Rumour has it that next week Apple will release the iRadio service at its annual developer’s conference. From our point of view, the key questions are:

a)            How will this service stack up next to the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, We7/Blinkbox and Google to name but a few?

b)            Will Apple be able to convert their mass scale – into a workable pipeline of micro-targeted online audio advertising inventory?

The principle that Radio Experts apply to all launches in this arena is simple……….if it will work for our advertisers, then it will work. So is there likely to be enough opportunity and enough inventory for our advertisers?

Well, Apple are certainly doing their best. To turbo charge the launch they have penned deals with many of the bigger music labels (Warner, Sony, Universal etc) so they’ll have the tracks people want. Ad serving technology, integrated campaign flexibility, reporting systems and open book serving stats are still fences that we need to see how they hurdle.

What is clear is that Apple’s iRadio will be a major entry in what is fast becoming a busy online audio advertising marketplace.

To find out more about the fast evolving world of Online Audio Advertising  and what it can do for your brands, give us a shout now…….we’re on it.

Tim Cowland is a Founder Partner at Radio Experts, a London based specialist radio advertising agency. @timcradioexpert

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