The Pitch of a Politician

6 May

With the next few months seeing both local elections and the EU in – out referendum, we’re already hearing a host of politicians’ voices.

We’re not listening to their pitch (what they’re saying) but their pitch (how they’re saying it).

Studies led by Rosario Signorello from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, found that successful politicians share vocal qualities that influence how their audience responds to them – unrelated to the meaning of their words or ideas expressed.

He found that political speakers used different patterns of speech, depending on whom they were addressing. In monologues addressed to voters, speakers exerted great effort to offer a wide pitch range. But when addressing other leaders at conferences, the same speakers used a narrower pitch range and lower pitch.

The sound of a voice and how a message is delivered can be just as important than the content itself and that doesn’t just apply to politicians – it’s also true of radio and audio ads.

We help brands select the right voice to ensure campaigns are distinctive, create rapport and build relationships with the audience. During the casting process we carefully consider everything from the age, tone, accent and pitch of a voice right through to how it’s delivered, ensuring the advertising message will stand out and have high recall.

If you need a radio or audio ad produced, contact us and listen to our pitch!

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